How Can I Better Protect My Home?

Residents of Florida are constantly making updates to their homes in order to protect their family and belongings. Getting a policy from Great South Insurance Agency LLC, serving St. Petersburg FL and the surrounding region, will protect your home further from certain danger. However, sometimes you have to do more to avoid having to use your policy needlessly.

1. Upgrade Your Door

Wood and glass break easily when an intruder is trying to get through your door. Upgrading your door to stainless steel makes it harder for a burglar to get through. Stainless steel doesn’t mesh with all decors but is the most effective. You may want to use a deadbolt that requires a key on both sides if you aren’t willing to change to stainless steel.

2. Consider Replacing Your Windows

If your windows aren’t designed to withstand the impact of a severe storm or are just outdated, you should consider updating. Windows are an easy way for burglars to get in. Not to mention, although it doesn’t affect your insurance, old windows don’t protect against UV rays as effectively, so the light coming through the window will discolor your furniture.

3. New Smoke Detectors 

It’s important to check your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors regularly. It’s also vital to make sure the batteries in the detectors are changed frequently. If you’ve had the same detectors in your home for quite some time, it’s important to purchase a new one every few years to ensure you have a detector that works effectively.

4. Update Your Insurance

One home improvement that isn’t costly is updating your homeowner’s insurance policy or acquiring one. Keep in mind, a minor change in your home could make certain aspects of your policy null and void if you’re not regularly updating the policy.

To get a new policy or update your current one, contact Great South Insurance Agency LLC, serving St. Petersburg, FL and the surrounding areas, by giving us a call or dropping by our office.

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