Home Insurance in Florida

The Homeowners insurance is a policy that packages together coverage for your dwelling, other structures, personal property, loss of use, liability and medical payments to others. A scheduled personal property endorsement or separate personal articles policy is frequently needed for additional protection for valuable articles. Endorsements to the policy can add coverage for water backup, earthquake, sinkhole, wind and hail to name a few. Discounts for alarm systems, new homes, loss-free, wind mitigation, gated community or sprinklers can significantly reduce the cost of the policy. Specific exclusions are in every policy. All policies have limits on coverage. Exclusions are included on every Homeowners policy.

Coverage sections include damage to your dwelling, your other structures, your personal property, medical payments to others and liability protection for you and your family.

Coverage Examples:

Dwelling – Your home can be covered for the full value to replace your home. With a policy that provides coverage for Risks of Direct Physical Loss, you will enjoy the maximum profession for your most valuable asset.

Other Structures – Your homeowner’s policy will provide automatic coverage for Other Structures on your property. Examples of other structures can include sheds, swimming pools, fences, etc.

Personal Property – The policy will provide coverage for your personal property. Not only does this coverage apply to the contents of your dwelling but extends your coverage to your personal property worldwide.
Loss of Use – If you incur additional expense because you must live elsewhere due to a loss that you are insured against, your policy can assist.

Liability – Your policy protects you and your family for certain acts of negligence that might result in you being sued.

Medical Payments – Your policy can provide medical payments to others if they are injured on your property.

DISCLAIMER – This description of coverages above are for example only. The policy issued by your company will determine the extent of coverage provided. Refer to your policy for exact coverage detail.

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