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Florida boat/watercraft insurance coverage

Boat/Watercraft Insurance in Florida

Florida Boat and Watercraft Insurance from Great South Insurance Agency

Water activities are a popular attraction for Florida’s residents and visitors. When undertaking any activities on the water, it is essential to ensure the boats used are adequately insured. A person seeking boat/watercraft insurance can find various service providers in St. Petersburg, FL but the agents of Great South Insurance Agency are ready and willing to help you get through the process of boat/watercraft insurance. The following are some of the considerations that will help in making the right decisions when it comes to choosing a policy.

Area of navigation

Determine the areas covered by your policy so that you can avoid straying into risky areas. Great South Insurance Agency provides coverage for most of the Florida coastline and some inland water bodies. Knowing the extent of your policy’s coverage can help you enjoy yourself on the water with a peace of mind.


When accidents occur on the water, they may involve other boats. If your vessel is found to be at fault for the accident, you will be held responsible for the crash. Your boat/watercraft insurance will help you to compensate those affected by the incident. It is essential to understand the extent of liability covered by the policy.

Medical coverage

The best boat insurance policies in Florida must cater for any medical needs arising from the accident. The coverage for a medical policy covers the policyholder and passengers regardless of whom caused the crash. Ensure that the policy provides a reasonable amount to cater for medical treatment.

Craft damage coverage

Your craft may suffer severe damages from the accident which should be repaired quickly. Our policies cater for the repairs for the boat as well as any equipment attached to it permanently. The plan also compensates owners of the vessel in case the boat is stolen.

If you are looking for a new watercraft policy, call or visit Great South Insurance Agency in St. Petersburg, FL for professional advice to help you make the right choice. Our staff members are experts in insurance and will answer all your questions. Please reach out to our offices by phone or plan a visit. We can help you get a quote and break down the policies further.

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