What Are Your Flood Insurance Options?

It only takes a few inches of water to destroy your home and wipe out your hard-earned investment. Picking up the pieces after a severe flood can prove costly and time-consuming, which is why having flood insurance is absolutely essential for a complete recovery. Flooding is a serious risk no...

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Buying Your First Car: What Does Auto Insurance Do?

Whether you are financing the new car you just bought from that St. Petersburg, FL dealer or paid cash, you will need a Florida auto insurance policy to register the vehicle. Your friendly agent at Great South Insurance Agency LLC is here to help you understand just what that policy is designed...

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My Dog Failed Potty Training and It Went Through my Condo Floor, Now What?

We love our furry pet friends and most of the time treat them like family members. However, despite the fact that our dogs and cats practically share their lives with us, they are still fundamentally animals. And when nature calls, they act like what they are and go where they need to go. They...

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You’ve Already Earned a Discount on Auto Insurance

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